1974 KENWORTH W900A V4.0 / American simulator Truck mod


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1974 KENWORTH W900A V4.0 / American simulator Truck mod
1974 KENWORTH W900A V4.0 / American simulator Truck mod

Authors:Truck Model: "Steve Roache" Truck parts: ?XDriver?, ?Dro BeatZz?, ?Bayonet?, ?EVH5150?, ?RALHOBBIT99?, ?Corby?, ?Kriechbaum?, ?SilveradoHD?, ?Stas556?, ?Dmitry68?, ?Kriechbaum?, ? Stels ", REDNEK, David Hester, Thomas Parham, Chief86, Bansheewoj, viper2, virat, peerke145 Goran Petkoski skins (Skinner) and Deven Weber - are included. Special thanks to: Chief86 (help with blender tools) Quattrophobia (for many tips) guidot from Half fast game (many tips) compatible with loadersaints (real mod with more complete Eaton transmissions)

ATS truck mod description:
Description: v4 Update July 6:Fixed fuel tank glitch showing dual fuel tanks.Fixed a bug in the quick tasks menu that caused the game to crash.Kenworth W900A (1967-1975)This kenworth w900a is a replica of the one that was produced by kenworth in 1967-1975.All the details found in this mod are what Kenworth offered during the related years of production for this truck model. A new sleeper with a flat roof was introduced in 1974, and a berth with a raised Aerodyne roof with double skylights was not available until 1976, so it cannot be found in this fashion.In 1967-1975 Kenworth did NOT offer the ?Lifting axis / triaxial axis? option. No photos that you can see on the w900a production model were installed in a private shop in retro style. In 1982, the w900B was introduced.This copy of kenworth w900a will be made only for use in ATS. This is an edit to the original ATS w900a mod, which has been completely updated to the current ATS version, with the exception of using the weighing device. This w900a mod originated from ETS2 and was converted to ATS AMT modding.Added to archive: Kenworth W900A Engine Pack (1967-1975)This kenworth w900a was combined with the thought of realism. This is a collection of engines of the 70s and 80s, as well as other engines before the start of the mission, which was proposed by Kenworth in 1967-1975, as well as later models.Engines:Cummins KTA, Cummins NTC, Cummins 400, Detroit, Cat and more.

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