1977 CHEVROLET C70 GRAIN TRUCK V1.0 / FS19 Trucks


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1977 CHEVROLET C70 GRAIN TRUCK V1.0 / FS19 Trucks
1977 CHEVROLET C70 GRAIN TRUCK V1.0 / FS19 Trucks

Authors:FS19 FarmSimSteve FS17 & FS15: Daniel Toma, Colt and Watson Farms, Caminokid, westmorgan, small American farming, Kulje7, googleplex2010

FS19 trucks mod description – information:
Description:The Chevrolet C70 grain truck is ideal for small to medium size harvesters / farms and for transporting different crops. The C70 has appeared over the years in various FS
Versions and has always missed some features or was not fully functional. Here is my completely revised
Version for FS19. It’s fine with the John Deere 8820!My work is always made available to the community for free. I do not believe in private mods. If you like the Chevy C70, you can follow my other work and stay up to date by subscribing to my Youtube channel.Have fun at FarmSimSteveDetails:Capacity: 25000Updated model with UDIM materials outside and insideColor selectable cabin and bedOptional dirt trapNew C70 dashboard graphics and animationsNew work steering wheel with old school Chevrolet Division logoworking mirrorsAnimations, door and lever for working on the bedWork lights, taillights, turn signals front and rearFolienverbiegungCustomized sounds and engineMore realistic filling volume.Updated player IK positioningNew cab shadow focus boxTrailer with trailer workDirty and portableDelete log

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