How to install mods in Farming Simulator 19

How to install mods in Farming Simulator 19

If you want to use mods, first you need to install them, sounds really easy, so we will try to help you. It will not enough to install mods, also you will need to activate the mods in game, so it means you will need to buy them. Continue follow this article – how to install mods in farming simulator.

How to install FS19 mods

All FS19 mods should be stored in ZIP format. When you downloading this type of file, you need to do these steps:

  • First step: find the “mods” folder, this folder you will find in place where is installed Farming Simulator 2019. Mostly the default path is C:/Users/”user_name”/Documents/my games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods. You can open the folders one by one or use the Windows browser and input the phrase “my games”
  • Place the downloaded ZIP archive in “Mods”, place it and leave. Important – don’t unzip the archive, leave the file as it is.
  • Start the game.
  • Now you can begin a new game or load saved one. You will find modifications list. Click the left mouse button on the chosen modification and activate it. Enjoy and feel good!

    If you need more information or help just feel free to contact our team!
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