Create a Farming Simulator 2019 (FS19) mod

Create a Farming Simulator 2019 (FS19) mod

Information how to create Step by step FS19 mod

You are a fan of FS19 game? Sometimes it is very hard to find some mods, so gamers decide to create mods by self. Sound great, yes? It is really possible and we will try to help you find all questions about creating Farming simulator mods.

You will need only your time, so spend it and get the all information.

GIANTS Editor v8.1.0 for FS19

This software is made to make maps and mods for Farming simulator 2019 game. It will be not so easy first you will need to get some skills which we will introduce on this article.

If you are really interested in FS19 modding then you will find Giants Editor extremely useful. You will see that with this software you can do a lot. With the help of Giants Editor you can edit the farming 2019 equipment within the game, maps, change objects, and also even drive equipment of your choice. All details and other things will be in your hand.

Farming Simulator 19 3D models

First of all mostly models in farming simulator 2019 are with 3D models. So you will need skills of 3D modelling, this part will be not easiest, but you have to have patience. Start to play with Blender 3D tool, learn, enjoy and find all best solution how easily you can create 3D models. You will find a lot of tutorials how to learn with Blender software and how to become Professional.

Introduction and modelling – focus on these two parts and get best results:
– Choosing objects
– Adding or removing objects
– Intro to model meshes
– Editing meshes
– Intro to extrusion function
– How to use edge loops and loop cutsAnd much more!
After these skills you will be able to create mods for farming simulator 2019

Requirements for FS19 mods

Lets talk about requirements for FS19 mods and maps. If you want to create really good quality you will need to learn everything about Polycount. You do not know what this word means? If yes we will explain. All Farming simulator mods based of triangles and also with triangle which is called a polygon. It is a sum of all these polygons or you can say triangles.

Example 1,000 triangles = 1,000 polys.

Keep in mind that certain categories have limits for polycount, we are giving limitation samples:

Attachments are limited to 40,000 polys
Tractors have a limit of 10,0000 polys
Trailers – up to 60,000 polygons
Harvesters – 150,000 polygons

The best solution to learn fast is to edit other created mods and see how it is made. Giants team has made tons of mods and all of this mods are totally with all requirements.

High quality Farming Simulator 19 mods – right polygons?

If you want to create really quality FS19 mod you need some more practise. The best solution is shown on these photo:

As you can see in photo it is not enough to have right number polygons, also you need right quality of poly.

Final step Get Approval from Giants Editor for Farming Simulator 19

We will talk about how to get approval in our next post, so you will get detailed instruction how to do everything.

We know that you will reach your goals and you will finish your mod or map!

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1 year ago

I learned and I reached my goal to create first quality mod! I will upload it for selling!!!!

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