Farming Simulator 21 Release Date

Farming Simulator 21 Release Date

Official Farming simulator 2021 release date

Farming Simulator 21 should come out in autumn of 2021. The FS19 history shows that it should come this date, so our team are expecting to see this version this month. If it will be next date our team will inform all our users!

We will be first, who will offer FS21 game to buy and download. So after it will appear our team will provide FS21 mods to download.

You can also watch some video’s which shows some news of 2021 Farming simulator

Farming simulator 21 trailer

Top 10 FS21 Feature – wish Requests

You can take look at all Farming simulator release dates:

Farming Simulator 2008 release date was – April 2008.
Farming Simulator 2009 release date was – August 2009.
Farming Simulator 2011 release date was – October 2010.
Farming Simulator 2013 release date was – October 2012.
Farming Simulator 2015 release date was – October 2014.
Farming Simulator 17 release date was – October 2016.
Farming Simulator 19 release date was – November 2018.
Farming Simulator 21 release date was – Not announced yet

Farming Simulator 21 will be released for MAC, PC, Xbox, PS4, IOS and android

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