4Fach XXL Standard v1.0.0.4 / FS19 map


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4Fach XXL Standard v1.0.0.4 / FS19 map
4Fach XXL Standard v1.0.0.4 / FS19 map

Authors: Modell: Giants Software Textur: Giants Software Idee / Konzept: Giants Software, Fire Modding, ATK Simon, MSM Modding Tester: Fire Modding, ATK Simon, MSM Modding Sonstige: Fire Modding, ATK Simon, MSM Modding

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Hello together,
Version mod changed back to a normal ZIP (was a mistake)Today we would like to offer you the Fire Modding Team a 4-compartment XXL card, the card has a large court in the middle and contains 4 torn fields in the grassed state. Unfortunately, it is not possible in the V to sell vehicles directly at the shop, or to configure. This is only possible via the shop menu (P). Unfortunately, there will not be any outlets because they also cause problems, but we do not want to deprive you of the card and would like to offer it to you in V P.S: Who does not want the card does not need to load! So you can save stupid comments!There will also be another
Version with the following crops:- wheat- Barley- Oats- rapeseed- Corn- sugarcane- sugar beet- potatoes- soybeans- Sunflowers- Cotton- poplars- oil radish (only suitable for cultivating!)- Grass- The fields are already fertilized- We point out: This is the V, so it can come even after extensive testing to errors, please describe errors accurately, so that we can fix this as soon as possible, wishes will be accepted if possible! We hope you like the map!

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