AGCO GLEANER S98 V1.0.4 / FS19 combines


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AGCO GLEANER S98 V1.0.4 / FS19 combines
AGCO GLEANER S98 V1.0.4 / FS19 combines

Authors:FS19: FarmSimSteve Specs and Testing: William Dahl at Dahl Motorsports & Farms FS17: fsasmc

FS19 combines description – information:
Here is my completely revamped Gleaner S98 for FS19. This mod wasoriginally introduced in FS17 with basic functionality. Several ofyou asked if I would convert this over and update it for 19. Therewere lots of issues that have been resolved or completely replacedfor FS19. It has a new UDIM cab, lights, wheel selections, andupdated effects, and more. See the details section below for acomplete list.If you enjoy this mod or any of my others, you can follow my FSwork and stay updated by subscribing to my youtube channel.Happy harvesting, FarmSimSteveDetails: * Price: 350k * HP: 471 * Capacity: 24590 * Fuel: 460 * All new UDIM Cab * Dynaflex Header Price: 60k with new smoke animation * Command Series Corn Header Price: 45k with new smoke animation * You can use Capello with silver color for corn too but Command Series recommended * New folding animation to include ladder * FS19 Customizable Wheels: Tracks, Single, Broad, Duals * Fixed rear rim hub caps bouncing around in rim * FS19 Lights and turn signals * New Gleaner logo on front of cab * Updated player arm and foot brake animations * New indoor console, huds, dashboard, animations/lights * Shadowbox added to indoor camera * New sounds and updated to include load * Working mirrors outside/inside * Adjusted mass and fill volumes * Hopper auger is now on the right as in real life * Updated straw and chopper effects * Hides spreaders now when straw path is enabled * Foliage bending on combine and headers * New trailer hitch * New store images * Gets Dirty * Clean logV1.0.1 Update * Changed capacity to maintain combine to Double Hopper ratio * Added Dahl Motorsports & Farms logo * Fixed Header down limit from lowering far enough to lift the combine. * Fixed header up limit to keep header from getting into the cab when raisedWilliamV1.0.2 * Changed feederhouse start location so it Defaults to being raised. * Corrected unloader rotation and stopping locationNeubauerV1.0.3 *Added Diesel & Def capacity to the store *Slowed unloader swing speed more realisticWilliamV1.0.4*added fuel to hud*added in the MacDon FD75 40′ by Julian11 cause the DynaFlex has some issues when it got some wear.William

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