ATC CONTAINER PACK V2.0.0.0 / FS19 packs


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ATC CONTAINER PACK V2.0.0.0 / FS19 packs
ATC CONTAINER PACK V2.0.0.0 / FS19 packs

Authors:concept, Alfredix modelling, Alfredix testing, Alfredix soundfix, CapoUwe PCS Skin, Sprinter Hof Hirschfeld Skin, Agarwen gas Tanks, www.ego

FS19 packs mod description – information:
Description:Hello everybody,This version of the pack includes the following features:New hits:30 ‘containers (placed on 20’ shots)45 ‘containers (placed on 40’ shots)30 ‘gas tanks (placed on 20’ shots)All containers can now be secured with tension belts on the train or on plateau vehicles.
changelog: V1.0.0.3, 30.12.2018, initial versionV1.0.1.0, 02.01.2019, fixed log errorV1.0.1.1, 04.01.2019, maintenance updateV1.1.0.0, 09.02.2019, 40 ‘ColliFix, new skinsV1.2.0.0, 16.02.2019, disChargeNode fixedV2.0.0.0, 02.03.2019, added 30 ‘, 45’ and gas tanksAdjustments / changes:none
bug fixes:nonelittle things:noneAnnotation:If the containers are transported with straps on a trailer, they can not be loaded or unloaded on the silo.30 ‘must be lifted with the 20’ setting of traverse and squid45 ‘must be lifted with the 40’ setting of traverse and squidFor the correct loading of the TankContainer see picture below. All other containers are charged as usual with the door to the rear.Logfehler:Error: Can not load resource ‘data / store / categories / category_objectMisc.png’ (Since GIANTS forgot to include the stock image for this category …, can be ignored)Releases:Uploading to other websites is not allowed.Reproduction and / or modification of the models for re-publication requires my release.Have fun with it!

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