ATC CONTAINER PACK V3.0.0.0 / FS19 packs


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ATC CONTAINER PACK V3.0.0.0 / FS19 packs
ATC CONTAINER PACK V3.0.0.0 / FS19 packs

Authors:concept, Alfredix modelling, Alfredix testing, Alfredix, Sprinter, meerstonk, opa Andre, ralfroehn, Legolas2905, Agarwen soundfix, CapoUwe PCS Skin, Sprinter Hof Hirschfeld Skin, Agarwen gas Tanks, www.ego hyundai Skin: TschiZack Gaming scripts: Ifko (AddStoreCategory.lua)

FS19 packs mod description – information:
Description:Hello everybody,This version of the pack includes the following features:New hits:1 neutral 20 ‘tank (MultiFluid)1 ATC 20 ‘tank (MultiFluid)1 PCS 20 ‘tank (MultiFluid) (thanks to Sprinter)1 Shell 20 ‘Tank (diesel only) (thanks to Sprinter for assistance with the danger symbols)The Tank Containers (MultiFluid) have all the overload functions. They can be filled with water at the lake.The tank container (diesel) can be used to transport diesel and to fuel vehiclesTo fill and overcharge the tank container, the lid (N) must be openedchanges:The exactRootFill Dings now looks a bit up and down from the container. He will not be covered by Collis any more and thus he can now be loaded with everything:Going down from the thresher goes (take big Drescher)Overloading of the truck is limited. Since the containers sit relatively high on the vehicles, the snorkel net comes completely down. Fiddle a little with big devicesLoading with conveyor belt goesLoading with bucket is (same restriction as with the transfer vehicle)The containers can now be loaded without a vehicle when they are on the groundFor trucks and wheel loaders, it is advisable to load on a small elevation, so that the vehicle with the container is slightly lower.If the containers are on top of each other, the overloading should go from one to the other too (but I tested net)
bug fixes:nonelittle things:noneAnnotation:noneLogfehler:noneReleases:Uploading to other websites is not allowed.Reproduction and / or modification of the models for re-publication requires my release.
changelog: V1.0.0.3, 30.12.2018, initial versionV1.0.1.0, 02.01.2019, fixed log errorV1.0.1.1, 04.01.2019, maintenance updateV1.1.0.0, 09.02.2019, 40′ ColliFix, new SkinsV1.2.0.0, 16.02.2019, disChargeNode fixedV2.0.0.0, 02.03.2019, added 30′, 45′ and gas TanksV2.0.0.1, 04.03.2019, HotFix removed TensionBeltObjectV2.1.0.0, 16.03.2019, new Skins, new shop categoryV3.0.0.0, 18.04.2019, reworked fillable, new TankContainer, moddesc 43

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