BELARUS MTZ-2022 B V1.3.1 / FS19 Tractors


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BELARUS MTZ-2022 B V1.3.1 / FS19 Tractors
BELARUS MTZ-2022 B V1.3.1 / FS19 Tractors

Authors:Giedrius, Stas21, ????? ????????, ??????, Jesse Lawrence, Relax (Convert and Update)

FS19 tractors mod description – information:
Description:In the Park is a tractor, kun and pitchfork.?
price in the store: 56 999 euros.? Leave trace.? Flying dust from under the wheels.? Works lighting.? The dashboard is working.? Tractor

Speed: 40 km / h.? Engine selection when buying in the store (two engines).? Tractor
power: 212/226 HP?
Fuel tank capacity: 370 l.? Working mirrors.? Choice of fastening for front loader.? Wheel selection (4 types).? Deformation of tires.? Dirty and clean.? Good sound.? Wipers turn on in the rain.? Turn the workplace.Changes v1.3.1:? Updated textures.? Minor bugfixes.? Set up loader mount with dynamic hoses.

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