BIG COW HUSBANDRY V1.0 / FS19 object


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BIG COW HUSBANDRY V1.0 / FS19 object
BIG COW HUSBANDRY V1.0 / FS19 object

Authors: FrankyM

FS19 object mod description – information:
Description: New official
Version!US style cowshed for 250 cows !!That was once.I have extended this mod to 600 cows with automatic water and milkWith Animal Pen Extension !!!(Water addon)For a small purchase fee, your local installer will set up a water pipe that will help you easily maintain your animals’ water supply.[Milk addon]Are you too busy to deliver your cow’s milk yourself to the dealer? For a small fee you can ask a local contractor to do this for you at the best available price.Let’s just hope that there are no incidents preventing the sale from happening when they want it.I could not fix the problem with the cows, it has always been that the cows just stop or even look out of walls and doors. But all doors open and the fans turn.The with the water inlet does not look so nice, but goes great!Greetings FrankyMPS: That was my first attempt to improve a bit.

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