Bijlsma Hercules 1400 / FS19 Trailers


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Bijlsma Hercules 1400 / FS19 Trailers
Bijlsma Hercules 1400 / FS19 Trailers

Authors:Dutch Modding Inc

FS19 trailers mod description – information:
Description: This mod contains the Bijlsma Hercules 1400. A simple old styled Dutch tipper of which production started in 1998 and continued till around 2007. The normal tipper version can hold 14500 litres of product, and the silage side version can hold 18500 litres. It was originaly sold on smal tires, but times changed so we decided to add bigger BKT tires to the mod to. The set Lizard truck tires can be used to drive trough the potato’s without damaging them, just like we do in real live. Costing only 21.499 it is perfect trailer for a starting farmer!

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