BUYABLE WOOL PALLET V1.0.0.0 / FS19 object


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BUYABLE WOOL PALLET V1.0.0.0 / FS19 object
BUYABLE WOOL PALLET V1.0.0.0 / FS19 object

Authors: Author : Neoblaster Inspired from : Egg Pallet of McKnightG Object : Giants Softaware

FS19 object mod description – information:
Description: Dear Sheep Lover,You are tired to move all the time the tiny wool pallets, on the tiny trigger ?For you, the buyable wool pallet !Inspired by the Egg Palet mod of McKnightG, here the Wool Pallet made using original game resources.This mod let you to buy wool pallets to the store.Just put them on a little trailer and sent them on the Sheep Yard trigger. This will automatically fill the pallet.This
Version cost 25$ per pallet, but
Size increase to 2000 liters instead of 1000 liters of free
Version. The pallet is lost on selling the wool. The wool is just put more compressed than the other one ;)The unload speed has been adjusted to the
Capacity of 2000 liters with 50% speed increased.Althought the ressource came from the game, this
Version differ because this one lost the grids which are all around the pallet .I hope you will love this new palletKindly Regards,NeoblasterFeel free edit to enhance or to share on all the world.

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