CASE IH MAGNUM US V3.0 / FS19 Tractors


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CASE IH MAGNUM US V3.0 / FS19 Tractors
CASE IH MAGNUM US V3.0 / FS19 Tractors

Authors:KarlFarms, JHHG Modding (Helicopter Tanks), KMN Modding (wheels code)

FS19 tractors mod description – information:
Description:CaseIH Magnum US V3.0Facebook: KarlFarmsIf you have any problems or questions, please be sure to read the full change log first.V3.0 Change log:Wheels/Rims- Added many wheel configurations for Trelleborg and Michelin brands with American rims- Added additional rowtrac options and quad trac options- Single rowtrac and all narrow tire options are care wheels- All rim and tire textures are full UDIMAdded completely overhauled front configurations- UDIM weight textures- 5 Configurations: Weight/Tank Rack, 500lbs, 1300lbs, 2300lbs, and 3 point attachmentNOTE: TO ATTACH FRONT TANK YOU NEED TO HAVE THE RACK OPTIONAdded Fender options- Choice between fenders or helicopter tank attachment pointNOTE: TO ATTACH HELICOPTER TANKS YOU CANNOT HAVE FENDERS ONAdded diffuse texture to front grill to make it a mesh rather than opaqueAdded engine model under hoodAdded rear quick hitch option with American drawbarImproved Side Flashers- Full UDIM textures and reflectors- Flashers are now foldableAdded many interior animations and lights- Joystick movement for RPM- Shifter animation when switching between forward, reverse, and neutral- Steering base and armrest entering animations- Realisitc monitor start-up screen- Dashboard emmisive lights and screen lightsAdded all new engine sounds- Enchanced
Version of current in-game Magnum soundsAdded a few more engine configurations- 250 (320HP) NEW- 280 (350HP) NEW- 310 (380HP) NEW- 340 (410HP)- 380 (435HP)Fixed Issue with right front light moving with cab rotationFixed Issue with numbers clipping into the monitor when movingAdded real lights to the side cab static lights

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