CLAAS JAGUAR 800 PACK V1.0.0.5 / FS19 combines


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CLAAS JAGUAR 800 PACK V1.0.0.5 / FS19 combines
CLAAS JAGUAR 800 PACK V1.0.0.5 / FS19 combines

Authors:MB3D Modelling - leider nicht erreichbar wegen Freigabe Zetor6245 - von LS 17 in LS 19 konvertiert und Pack so aufgebaut wie es jetzt ist Sardor Percy - 3D-Schrift, Crawler färbbar Material anpassen da-hoffi - Texursystem für LS 19 erstellt Ifkonator - ChangeModTitle Script Freigabe liegt vor Pixelfarming - Die schönen Bilder vielen Dank dafür und andere die ihre Ideen eingebacht haben Danke an alle

FS19 combines description – information:
Hello today I introduce my Jaguar 800 Pack.Changelog V adapted driving behavior should now fit (with 40 around the curve but you should not do)- Pendulum axle pendulum swing reduced should no longer strike in the wheel arch- Hubs are now dark gray (Thanks Diego for the tip)- adapted driver’s position and movement of the joystick (thanks Diego for the tip)- Helper now runs with Direct Disc (Thanks da-hoffi for the tip)- Logos added by configuration- License plates installed with Spec and Normal and configurable if no sign with engine variant or another- Horn made a little louder- Seatcam installed with Sitzfederung and everything that belongs Display’s adjusted and so on- Fire extinguisher processed (weggeschitten and exchanged)- color choice for pickup PU 300 for rims and hubs adapted font PU 300 is dyed with the main color (Thanks Percy for the tip)- all colors now available in metallic colors (thanks to Percy for the tip)- Pickup height adjusted when lowering- Reallights realigned (light cone)- Adblue blue colored cover complete with blender to assign the material (Thanks Percy)- Material adapted for outside mirror in the exterior (Thanks Percy for the instructions)- Material reworked in the cabin should now look a little better (seats with fabric and leather armrests)- fixed cylinder at the feeder (thanks da-hoffi)- Script installed which indicates the utilization of Schnedwerks, unfortunately, it works only with the pickup and the Orbis why the other not the error did not findUtilization is indicated by means of a bar in the display as well as a value in Hilfefester F1 (thanks da-hoffi)The first thing unfortunately was the modder MB3D modeling of the Jaguar built in 17er unreachable so I decided after a long struggle the Jaguarto ask the DL, if the said modder sees this here but he should please contact me for release. Thank youPack consists of the following equipment:Claas Jaguar 800 in the versions 840, 850, 860, 870Orbis 750 corn header working width 7.50 mDirect Disc 610 in 3 versions Standard, one that can only divorced grass and one for wheat, barley, soybeans, oats and rapeseed (idea of ??a team member)Chop the Pickup 300 HD into a swathCutting unit carriage for transport from the Direct Disc 610 cutting unit NOTICE The cutting unit must be fastened with tension strapsSo now to the emergence of the Mod since I did not find a nice Jaguar in 19s (just so MB bombs) I decided to convert one myself and got myselfgrabbed the 17er 800 Jaguar from the modhub.Jaguar and the Orbis are from the 17er convert but completely revised adapted to LS 19 texture system as well as the XML are on the 19er Stand.The Direct Disc pickup and cutter carriage are all Krone devices from the game which have been adapted to the Claas design. By a color choice standsEveryone is free to customize the vehicles and devices themselves.The cutting unit carriage is a bit cheaper because it has broken something and now you need to attach the Direct Disc me straps.For Jaguar something he has a configurable GPS which also fades in and out with the Wopster also works together so has a functionREQUIREMENT GPS mod from Wobster is availableFS19_guidanceSteering. Furthermore, I missed the Jaguar a swing axle :).The Direct Disc is hinged so you can see it was edited in Maya.In addition, some features are installed which you can discover yourself.If you do not like the Jaguar Pack, do not load it! I know that not everything is the same and the LS is still a game.I wish a lot of fun with the mod

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