[FBM Team] Fliegl ALU-TEC ASW281 / FS19 Trailers


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[FBM Team] Fliegl ALU-TEC ASW281 / FS19 Trailers
[FBM Team] Fliegl ALU-TEC ASW281 / FS19 Trailers

Authors:Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de Modder: speedy77 FBM Tester: FBM Team BKT Reifen: JD7530-Chris (Modhub), speedy77 FBM

FS19 trailers mod description – information:
Description: here my Fliegl ALU-TEC ASW281 (original mod is the Brantner TA23071).As 1st the saying must be ….. Not Real, but I do not care.True to the motto: ‘often something new’LS is and remains a game, and finally everything is possible.Features / modificationFliegl Color Design Config (Fliegl Dark Green, Fliegl Light Green, Communal, Red, Blue, Dark Blue, Graphite Gray, Black, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Black-Matt)Fliegl Logo Config (Red or White)built in two additional wheel configs (Michelin & Mitas) as Big Wheels with tractor profileadditionally both BKT tires are installed and are available as standard (narrow) and wide tires in the shopRim Color Config (Silver Gray, Black, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Black-Matt)connectionHoses extended (compressed air & light)Rear fender fitted with reflectorsSteering axle installed (when rearranging it locks itself)License plate installed u. 40’s km / h sign (with both tailgates configs)Price changedCapacity increasedWear interval extendedCollision Mask changedvarious xml parameters resetetc.

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