FELSBRUNN MODDING WELT EDITION MAP V1.0.0.0 / FS19 map to download


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FELSBRUNN MODDING WELT EDITION MAP V1.0.0.0 / FS19 map to download
FELSBRUNN MODDING WELT EDITION MAP V1.0.0.0 / FS19 map to download

Authors: Since I've been working on the map for a long time, using parts from previous
Versions, please excuse me if I have not mentioned you. You have my thanks as well as those mentioned here. If you want to discover something about yourself and be mentioned here, shout a message to me. BernieSCS for his farm building pack Da-hoffi textures Zetor6245 XML fumble etc. Modding World Team Consulting, Support and Support Eribus Forgotten Plants Textures Kevink98 / aPuehri / GtX / Eribus Global Company Kevink98 / Lunchbox / Eribus BGA with Grimme BeetBeater TopAce888 metal gates and fences Dorset baleen shed with two walls / water tarpaulins Stefan1997 fence packet GSi-Flash Small shelter Dogface rootstock stock Timoks_LS chapel p.soppa Fixed train system and missing barriers Stf_modding barriers Albinator plant rows

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Welcome to Felsbrunn!The result is the map, because it gives away nothing comparable to a nice farm from the start of the game. My thanks therefore go to BernieSCS for its farm buildings and the permission to integrate them into the map in an adapted form.Thank you Bernie the buildings are great.In order to enable a reasonably realistic as well as pleasant play, I have changed a lot. Here is a first overview of what it looks like in Felsbrunn:OverviewTo be able to use all functions of the map correctly, please download the following mods from the modhub and start them with the map. These are needed for the sugar beet BGA.Global Company | ModHub | Agriculture simulatorGlobalCompany – BGA with Grimme BeetBeater | ModHub | Agriculture simulatorIn the sugar beet BGA there is a storage facility for sugar beets. Since you can use the BGA with the purchase of the property you still have to pay a fee for storing the sugar beets. In your PDA, the amount stored there is displayed in white font.Added are several outlets where you can sell your harvested and produced goods. You can find information on this in your PDA.Unfortunately, it was not possible to display the individual outlets at BayWa in one line. My thanks for so much foresight in the development goes to GIANTS for having to dump all the goods into a hole!- You can sell the poplar bales from the Anderson DLC at the wood chip cogeneration plant- Cotton bales incl. The John Deere Cotton DLC you can sell at the Wollmanufaktur- There are 3 sales silos where you can buy seeds, fertilizers, lime, liquid fertilizers & herbicides. (The dealer is the next but requires a bit more)- At the BayWa you have the opportunity to buy cow and semen- The fermentation time for silage takes 48 hours on the installed silos. These can only be filled with shredded material- All interaction markings including the signs can be switched on and off in the menu of the map. (The 24 hours lighting on the signs is wanted)- There is a colored icon for each product. That is displayed consistently everywhere- There is rapeseed & soy straw. Move threshers first to create straw wind- Choppers with PickUp or DirectDisc always produce shredded material no matter what is harvested.Let’s get to your farm!This is centrally located in the middle of Felsbrunn, not far from the agricultural machinery dealer.Before going into the main farm buildings, there are a few basic pointers to help you find your way around your farm quickly.- Under tools / miscellaneous at the agricultural machinery dealer you will find two transport trailers for liquids with a capacity of 12 or 32,000 liters. With these two drums you can transport all liquids and fill or remove them at the designated places. Whether milk transport, filling of syringes and manure barrels at the edge of the field or filling the liquid tanks at the farm where you can fill your equipment, these barrels are universally applicable.- All buildings and shelters have a rain-repellent roof.In addition to your pretty and quaint farm right at the large courtyard entrance you will find the following buildings:Ø A farm filling station with a tank for 12,000 liters of dieselØ A bulk goods hall that you can exchange for a vehicle hall free of chargeØ A driving silo (fermentation time 48 hours) that you can exchange for a roof for freeØ A granary with sufficient capacityØ A large storage silo for seeds, fertilizer and lime. (Devices can be filled directly from above)Ø A liquid tank for all except manure and digestate. (to fill from above open tank lid on the barrel)Ø slurry and digestate storageØ Hay storage & feed storeØ A yard workshop to repair and reconfigure your devices and machinesØ A large wood chip storageØ Various halls, shelters, tool & pallet racks and large shelter for balesØ own water storage where you can remove water for freeØ Point of sale “barn at the yard”Please note!Save before dumping in the bulk goods hall or in the silo or demolish the two buildings and reset. Otherwise, the collisions of the walls may not work properly.In addition, it can come with the script “filling the dung heap from the back to the front” that the manure goes through the walls. I could not find a solution for that.For the stables and the animal breeding several changes were made. The birth rates were increased, milk and wool yield are set up according to my ideas. Your animals need more and different feed or mixtures (pigs). In addition, your chickens need water and straw, horses and pigs produce manure and manure, need straw.Because it has already been requested: Seasons support does not exist and will not exist. Also not for the Animal Pen Extension.Have fun with the card wishes youwait &the modding world team!

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