Felsbrunn remodeling / FS19 map


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Felsbrunn remodeling / FS19 map
Felsbrunn remodeling / FS19 map

Authors: TILPs

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: I set myself and adapted the beautiful map Felsbrunn something. It always bothered me a bit, that you never found space on the map for eg a cow pasture. Therefore, I have created a completely new yard with the new “Terrain Tool”.It includes a cow and sheep pasture, a pigsty, enough space for your vehicles, a personal area with a farmhouse, a riding stable with horse stables and much more.Please note that you can only play this savegame with
Version 2.0 of the LS19. You can download the beta
Version 2.0 eg in Steam with a right click on your game, betas and here beta 2.0.The downloaded savegame, called “savegame7”, just loads it into your FS19 folder (C: Users DeinName My Games FarmingSimulator2019). If that does not work, create a new game and simply swap the folder files.You start with a fleet with which you can work well :)About reviews and suggestions for improvement, I would be very happy!

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