FENDT 800 VARIO TMS V1.0.2 / FS19 Tractors


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FENDT 800 VARIO TMS V1.0.2 / FS19 Tractors
FENDT 800 VARIO TMS V1.0.2 / FS19 Tractors

Authors:LexikCZ(LS17),LsMafiaa,EpicPryda,CCC-Modding,Flo, many more

FS19 tractors mod description – information:
Description:The Best of all 820 Vario TMS in oneThanks to all Fendt 820 Vario TMS Modder!my previous
Versions areV1.0.0.6 / V1.0.0.7 / V1.0.0.8 / V1.0.0.9/ V1.0.1!the other Mods are Re-Uploads of my Work!815 Vario TMS817 Vario TMS818 Vario TMS820 Vario TMS822 Vario TMS (not real ! )824 Vario TMS (not real ! )828 Vario TMS (not real ! )- Fendt Lightning removed- Steering Wheel animation- Dual-NarrowTires- second Beacon + GPS now optional- handlebars fix- Beacon fix- Front Top-Hitch only visible when activ- Improved Model- Frontlight optic- 2 Beacon- Front-Hitch fix- Light fix (F)- FuelBar now working- Frontloader-joystick and Vario-Joystick player-hand animation- BackHitch now always visible- new Brakeforce- better steering- Seat suspension- Rim color support- Full PTO support (back/front)- Full Seed-Pipe support ( sidepipe/downpipes)- Frontloader support- Gas/brake animation with player foot animation- Display working with Nightlight- Variotronic Display- rearviewmirror working- LogErrorFree

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