FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA 2018 ? ULTRABALD EDIT V1.3 / American simulator Truck mod

ATS truck mod description:
Description: Freightliner Cascadia 2018 for ATS 1.32.xChangelog 1.3 :- Left mirror re-oriented to look closer to the cabin- RR cabin blacklights fixed!Remove version 1.2 and previous before use!Original model by Felipe ConbarAir cables by Jesse BursonCleaning, rearranging and dashboard by galimimRe-build by UltraBaldFull credits in mod description- Lots of accessories- Cabin DLC compatible- Left mirror fixed- XT cabin rear window tint corrected- Other bug correctionsNote : You’ll need a mod that provides marker lights to use cabin backlights. I recommend “Boreman LED Markers”.

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