FS19 CLOVERCREEK V1.0.0.1 / FS19 map


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FS19 CLOVERCREEK V1.0.0.1 / FS19 map
FS19 CLOVERCREEK V1.0.0.1 / FS19 map

Authors: Kastor Ge -Converting By Yazu

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: File
Version fixes minor errors and boards from the field. Unfortunately, errors in the log are still, probably caused by con
Version which does not prevent you from having a good time.I played on the map for two months, modifying it, a lot of fun.Con
Version of the map with FS17. Size x4 . The map contains the points of purchase and sale.On the map there are points of sale of loose fertilizer, lime, seeds, manure,slurry, animal feed.Transport missions. Traffic and pedestrian.Land transformation also worksDairy for milk collection. Two sawmills. Forest areas and large and medium sized fields, ideal for large machines.All fields on the map can be bought and sold. Three modifications of FS19_grainStorages, FS19_rootCropStorage, FS19_Strohlager are required. Without these mods you will not have buildings on the start farm.If you already have these modifications installed, you don’t have to add anything.All buildings and fields can be sold for profit.Have fun.

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