FS19 ROAD BARRIER V1.0.0.0 / FS19 object


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FS19 ROAD BARRIER V1.0.0.0 / FS19 object
FS19 ROAD BARRIER V1.0.0.0 / FS19 object

Authors: Milpol

FS19 object mod description – information:
Description: A placeable worn and dirty 3m concrete road construction safety barrier that can be used anywhere on a map to prevent vehicle access.Map makers, please feel free to use these items in the creation of your maps and edit the required files as you need them for placement into your maps.Editing, covers the deletion of files (icon, store images, xml etc) surplus to requirements, the rotation in GE to suit your purpose of the i3d file. It does NOT include reverse engineering of the i3d file or any textures.It is not a requirement but it is etiquette to include a reference to the original author if you choose to include any of these items in your Map project.Please do not upload to any other site except FS-UK.I hope you enjoy them ? RSend software/Milpol 2019.

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