GAMSBERG MAP V1.0 / FS19 map


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GAMSBERG MAP V1.0 / FS19 map
GAMSBERG MAP V1.0 / FS19 map

Authors: Chris_30

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Welcome to Gamsberg.This map is fictitious. There are no productions installed. I think mitlerweile there are enough placeable mods. The mods that are necessary for this map are fixed, meaning you do not have to download them.There is a predefined yard (H1). All objects on this farm, however, are sellable and thus you can make your own yard ( highly recommended or necessary is the Mod PlaceAnywhere !). Furthermore, there is an empty space (H2) where a second yard or whatever can be created.There are 30 fields from small to large (exact size see below), some fertilizable meadows which are marked with “H” and can therefore also be managed eg with Courseplay. There is generally enough grassland for grassland work, even for those who want to try the hillside.Who wants to take root in the forestry finds on the map many beautiful forest areas with many trees 🙂 wood chips can be sold at the sawmill. Logs also at the sawmill and at the harbor.Wassertirgger are the wells which are installed in H1 and H2.The highlight of the map is I think a beautiful landscape, large waterfalls and the field 1 in the mountains which is also by far the largest. This field can be reached via a paved road and alternatively via the forest road in the north of the map.Otherwise, look at the map and decide for yourself.I am open to problem reports and I am grateful for your feedback.Field dimensions:Field 1 (field01): 20,517 haField 2 (field02): 1,935 haField 3 (field03): 1,891 haField 4 (field04): 2,515 haField 5 (field05): 2,703 haField 6 (field06): 4,422 haField 7 (field07): 4,170 haField 8 (field08): 4,416 haField 9 (field09): 5,938 haField 10 (field 10): 2,587 haField 11 (field11): 1,583 haField 12 (field12): 3,754 haField 13 (field13): 4,162 haField 14 (field14): 1,839 haField 15 (field15): 1,865 haField 16 (field16): 2,786 haField 17 (field 17): 2,766 haField 18 (field18): 2.458 haField 19 (field19): 1,127 haField 20 (field20): 0.800 haField 21 (field21): 0.486 haField 22 (field22): 0.855 haField 23 (field23): 2,422 haField 24 (field24): 4,460 haField 25 (field 25): 1,480 haField 26 (field26): 2,821 haField 27 (field27): 2,031 haField 28 (field28): 3,650 haField 29 (field29): 1,796 haField 30 (field30): 2,186 ha

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