HARSEFELD 2K19 V1. / FS19 map


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HARSEFELD 2K19 V1. / FS19 map
HARSEFELD 2K19 V1. / FS19 map

Authors: [FSM]Team

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Changelog v1.1.0.5New transport mission + field ownerNew transport mission palletsGrasplattfahr Bug fixedFixed texture error (shader) on the water channelPartial texture mistake Baustele fixedDistance Bug (Patch 1.3) Schwade and co fixedDouble fruit entry in the PDA fixedBushes between fields now plowableBGA 2 now with functionPoplars added as a fruit to the mapAdded small forest at StarthofFixed flying trees and objectsKi speed reducedVarious price adjustmentsGrass fixedLime can now be loaded into any truck, no BigBags / Mod needed!Starthof revised (single parts (ver) purchasable)Court lighting extendedComplete yard decoration now for saleHofSilo fruit display fixedStarthof on Dedi server now possible with heavy / mediumAdded additional buyable farm extensionsOption: New purchasable objects in the shop (own brand “System – Tec”)Switchable and fillable diesel bearing, requires extra mod eg from the HOT – team for liquids.Farmlands increasedShadow of the eagle removed (heart problems reduced XD)Hud ads adapted and modified for the fruits “Hud’s label”New fruits in the map, garlic, hops, carrots, onions, tabbak, beetrootNew field texturesNew sales outlet Added for Erdfrüchte (Knollen AG)Ground fruits for sale at ProGrain removedNew gas station addedIcon (jump label) for shop now availableNew buyable earth-fruit stockNew sales point for horses. “With purchasable land for pastures” Intigrated sale of straw, oats and carrots available.Various particles of the Kaufstellen fixed (lime …)New sale “Already Welk” added, selling manure, manure …. Purchase options for seeds, fertilizers and weed killersNew fruits adapted in the pasturesNew DekoSplinesNew place HPE (What will it be …)New place (sales / missions) logisticsNew Night TrainNew AI vehicles as well as AI traffic extendedNew decoration addedVarious sounds adapted and ergenztNew meadowsNew fieldsSignage extendedForest areas expandedFields 12 + 13 editedBuyable open spaces for farmsNow 33 fields with about 70 ha areaVideoHarsefeld 2K19Description: The Map Harsefeld has nothing in common with the real role model except the name.The construction of this map has taken about 3 weeks and it is built up to date everything that is possible and available in the LS19.So do not expect any miracles or world novelties. We can only block what is available.The map has intentionally only about a quarter of the normal map size.As it stands, this map will remain our only map for LS19, but that does not mean that this map will not be expanded.There is more than enough space!Out of time and lack of information Unfortunately, modding was no longer a new development.You can definitely play with many people on the Dedi, but who plans a 16-person chopper party, should initially prefer to play standardIf there are errors then please report in the channel “#bugreports” in the discord. Thank you!Important:Please keep in mind that most standard placeable objects have too large a radius to set them as you like, be sparing with the space you have on the map.We recommend to use the Mod PlaceAnywhere for placeable objects!Basic information:New construction of the map for LS19Finished start yard on all difficulty levels18 fields + 4 purchasable areas approx. 30haWies missionsFertile meadowsLs 19 standard functions installedTransport missions and field jobs2 new BGAs installedNew sawmill feature installed (log conveyor)New decorative elementsGimicks to look for …. for all agesAnnimated doors and gatesAnimate decorationAnnimated farm siloAi traffic including pedestrians2 large forest areas buyableBuyable surfaces:Forst 1 + sawmillForest 2BGAsSmall areas and rest MapField Summary:Field 1: 2,048 haField 2: 1,684 haField 3: 1,190 haField 4: 1,013 haField 5: 0.581 haField 6: 0.761 haField 7: 1,152 haField 8: 1,292 haField 9: 0.146 haField 10: 0.651 haField 11: 1,065 haField 12: 2,059 haField 13: 1,993 haField 14: 1,929 haField 15: 1,365 haField 16: 1,198 haField 17: 0.676 haField 18: 0.762 haField 19: 4,298 haField 20: 2,663 haField 21: 6,901 haField 22: 3,123 haField 23: 1,533 haField 24: 0.859 haField 25: 3,429 haField 26: 9,804 haField 27: 1,702 haField 28: 2,817 haField 29: 3,935 haField 30: 1,178 haField 31: 2,184 haField 32: 3,464 haField 33: 1,913 haKnown bugs:2 Log Entries from Ai Verkehr (Unobjectionable!)Questionable layer when 1.Roden the earth fruits, when replanting comes this again, although previously grubbert / plowed. “Giants Lastig”Spawn Knollen AGThanks to all the streamer for their map presentations!To all mappers and modders whose work we have installed!THANK YOU!

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