HOFBRUNN MAP V1.0 / FS19 map


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HOFBRUNN MAP V1.0 / FS19 map
HOFBRUNN MAP V1.0 / FS19 map

Authors: -Reitplatz: Giants and pascal_dmbs, Vers. 1 -Multisilo: Pandahma, Vers. 1.2 -Tankstelle: VertexDezign Niggels, Vers. 1 -Füllstation
EN: Rene/anthu, Vers. 1.2 -Einstellhall
EN: VertexDezign Niggels, Vers. 1 -Unterstand: TomLsMods, Vers. 2

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Hello everybodyI would like to introduce you to my modified map of Felsbrunn. Hofbrunn … (gäähn … 🙂 This is not a savegame but a created in the editor, or edited map. Well, a Modmap from Felsbrunn more on Modhoster, I know … But it’s worth it. For what? Because it was processed with attention to detail, because it provides a huge starting equipment on machines, because already at the beginning 4 stalls are, because everything is perfectly central in the area and is efficient to reach and because a well-designed or converted map but still represents something other than a thing done with the landscaping possibilities in the game. Mainly it is about the entire court yard of Felsbrunn, or new of course Hofbrunn … This I have usefully rebuilt and enlarged accordingly and modeled beautifully in detail to the site. The farm has 4 stables (cows, sheep, pigs and horses), own yard garage, washing area, various filling tanks, silos and much more. Please look at the pictures. Regarding the starting equipment, I would like to refer to the specially created video.At this point I would also like to thank the following modders for the provided mods, which I have used for this purpose. Without them, a con
Version would have been only half as cool. Thanks to:Ro
DE: Giants and pascal_dmbs, verse 1-Multisilo: Pandahma, verse 1.2Gas station: VertexDezign Niggels, verse 1Filling stations: Rene / anthu, verse 1.2Setting Halls: VertexDezign Niggels, verse 1Understanding: TomLsMods, verse 2(If some of these mods have already been installed, please disable them in the game, otherwise they’ll pop up twice in the shop)The map has been tested. The log is of course error-free. Any errors are constantly being worked on, so the most recent download
Version is always recommended or replaced accordingly. Well, then it will be released now … 😉

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