HOFBRUNN MAP V1.7 / FS19 map


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HOFBRUNN MAP V1.7 / FS19 map
HOFBRUNN MAP V1.7 / FS19 map

Authors: Ein Dankeschön geht an Map-Vorstellung: Mirappy Mühle: PowerPeter008/Joker301069 Reitplatz: Giants and pascal_dmbs Wohnwag
EN: Wippman Fahrzeughall
EN: VertexDezign Niggels Tankstelle: VertexDezign Niggels Füllstation
EN: Rene/anthu Strohlager: Hasco

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Welcome to Hofbrunn,
Version 1.7Textures corrected in the MP gameLaunch vehicles and engine positions correctedRework Shop ItemsNew Shop ItemsVarious bug fixes in objects, functions and texturesSliding silo at yard replaced by warehouseShed H3 corrected at courtNew shelter with glass roof for vehicles at courtNew warehouse for material with light switch at yardNew access for courtVehicle scales at yard and BGALarge root fruit storageBuffer storage near the big fieldsAreas for your personal modschapelBGA RevisedAccessible main silo at BGA with light switchAdditional sales point for manure and digestate at BGAComplete con
Version / new sawmillNew alpine hut farmNew livestock tradeMiscellaneousI would like to introduce you to my modified map of Felsbrunn. Hofbrunn. Well, a Modmap from Felsbrunn more on Modhoster, I know … But this is worth it. For what? Because it was processed with attention to detail, because it provides a huge starting equipment on machines, because there are already 5 stables at the beginning, because everything is perfectly central in the area and is efficient to reach and because a well-designed or converted map but still represents something other than a thing done with the landscaping possibilities in the game. Mainly it concerns the entire yard area of ??Felsbrunn, or new of course Hofbrunn … This I have sensibly rebuilt and enlarged accordingly and modeled beautifully in detail to the site. The farm has 5 stables (cows, sheep, pigs, horses and chickens), own yard garage, washing area, various filling tanks, silos and much more. Furthermore, you can manage your own breeding forest and sell your income to the specially created farm trade Hofbrunn or the old mill with double profit. To give you an idea, I would like to point out the pictures and the great map concept of Mirappy. Thanks to the creator. Click here for the video.NOTE ON THE GAMEOnly the lands must be bought, so that it works well with all activities, especially animal husbandry.At this point I also refer to the credits and would like to thank the modders listed there for the provided mods, which I have used for this purpose. Without them, a con
Version would have been only half as cool (if some of these mods have already been installed, please deactivate them in the game, otherwise they will appear twice in the shop).The map has been tested. The log is error free. Any errors are constantly being worked on, so the most recent download
Version is always recommended or replaced accordingly. Well, then it is now released for shooting … ;-)Current verse 1.6 available for downloadNOTE ON THE UPDATE 1.6Procedure for players from
Version 1.5, who want to keep their score atPlease put away all vehicles around the stable and adjacent small field (best on the street)Install
Version 1.6 (via modhoster.de or the tool)Create new game, save and closeCopy the following 4 files from the old game to the new one (replace only – you do not have to do more): careerSavegame.xml / farms.xml / items.xml / vehicles.xmlStart tool and enter there only the new savegame number, then perform the savegame updateThen do the troubleshooting (replacing some of the objects in verse 1.5)Start the game in the new game …So, and in the end, you may have to resell any buildings / objects you’ve already placed in
Version 1.5, as they are now in the way or in the air. If everything worked out, the old save game can be deleted (procedure successfully tested).News in
Version 1.6New worth seeing point of sale ‘to the old mill’Court extension to land enlargement, garage, Güllen- and manure storage and small pondNew internal mods, like a dung-selling, new shelter etc.Big Multisilo Swiss EditionVarious bug fixes and much more … Please refer to the corresponding tabSpecial thanks to PowerPeter008 and Joker301069 for their great mill!+++ MODMAP-SAVEGAME UPDATER TOOL AVAILABLE +++After recurring problems with an update to a new
Version, CJFarming now brings out an update tool. This complements if necessary easily and comfortably your old score to the respective renewals and checks and corrects any errors of the map. The debugging feature can be started at any time, allowing small changes or adjustments to be made directly and without waiting for a new
Version. In addition, the tool has a direct download to the respective, new map
Version including automatic installation and much more … (Tool from the map
Version 1.5 available).

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