HOLMER TERRA VARIANT 600 V1.0.3.0 / FS19 packs


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HOLMER TERRA VARIANT 600 V1.0.3.0 / FS19 packs
HOLMER TERRA VARIANT 600 V1.0.3.0 / FS19 packs


FS19 packs mod description – information:
Description:Holmer Packholmer terra variant 600converted from the giants holmer pack ls17 … terra variant, zunhammer keg, zunhammer vibro grubber and miner sturgeon (I do not need the two overload hoppers myself, so I did not convert)error-free, tested in us in the multiplayer … should still attract attention, then like to report;)Although still with diffuse textures, but still has signs of wear (everything has the same gloss without distinction between the materials) ….the Bergmann spreader can also sprinkle lime, and it also dusts right behind it4 tires config: trelleborg normal and wide, michelin normal and wideknown problems: when flashing the lamps are permanently on (since no 100% ls19 lamps, since I never blink hats me not disturbed further) and I did not manage to work, the support wheels work, apparently is not foldable in the vehicletype provided. .. then sometime gave up as further to try, if anyone has ne solution for it, always with her :)I had to go the same when coupling the slurry hoses, ie if you attach a güllegrubber without the barrel on it, the hose still clutches on and then hangs in the air … but think these are all smaller problems and do not reduce the fun on the planer.

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