IDEAL XL V1.5.0 / FS19 combines


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IDEAL XL V1.5.0 / FS19 combines
IDEAL XL V1.5.0 / FS19 combines

Authors:Modell: Gaints Textur: Gaints Idee / Konzept: Gaints / Sam Tester: Sam

FS19 combines description – information:
Version 1.5A selection of the Kortank size was added (17100 l, 45000 l, 85000 l)He now drives 50 km / h, the Abtanke was also increased and extended the maintenance interval.The color choice, I have unfortunately not yet done, if someone has an idea or a tip he can write to me.ATTENTION, PLEASE DO NOT LOAD V 1.2, DO NOT FUNCTION V 1.3 PLEASE USEHere is the original ideal with small changes.He now drives 45 km / h and has a grain tank of 45000 l.If you do not need it, do not load it and make meaningless comments. Thanks.

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