INTERNATIONAL 9400I / American simulator Truck mod

ATS truck mod description:
Description: International 9400i Alpha versionUnfortunately, at the moment I do not have the possibility to complete this mod, so I spread it in a completely raw. Archives open, so anyone has the opportunity to finish this mod, I would not mind but only for. The original author of the model do not know fashion to ETS was found on Youtube, on my part has been done: the truck was baked, added options for chassis and cabs, added tuning baked interior and also has been changed under the appropriate options for cabs, made a private residence, probably There was something else but I do not remember already.What are the main deficiencies in the present fashion: no static shadow wipers do not clear drops from the windscreen, as their model needs to be replaced, the missing dimensions and dumisy rear turn signals, there is a problem with the mat because of what the log swears. And as there were plans perezapech interior, as originally bake it not as it should.In general, what or how the blank under the events already, and maybe someone has a desire to finish the events, like when something and I, and as a result we may see fit events of this truck.- Prescribe a separate slot in the cabin Volvo- Option 4 cabins- Tuning- Its interior- Own sounds- Truck bake- Metallic CoatingTest version: 1.22

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