J&M 680 GRAVITY WAGONS V1.0 / FS19 Trailers


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J&M 680 GRAVITY WAGONS V1.0 / FS19 Trailers
J&M 680 GRAVITY WAGONS V1.0 / FS19 Trailers

Authors:Model: Polygonish FS19: - Ingame: JHHG Modding - Programing & Scripting: JHHG Modding - Edit and FS19 standards: JHHG Modding

FS19 trailers mod description – information:
Description: Little gift for you 😉 I still plan to upgrade it soon and send to Giants Modhub and they will be awailable on PS4 and XBOX 1 I hope!~ J&M 680 Gravity Wagons (PC)!Features &
– 3 wheels Configurations- 3 Tarp cover Configurations- 3 warning Signs Configurations- 2 paint Style (Decals) Configurations- 3 Main Body Color Configurations (J&M Green, Red and Blue!)- 3 Rims Color Configurations (Grey, White, Faded White)- 5 Tarp cover Color Configurations* * *- All realistic values (mass, capacity, tire sizes, overloading speed etc)- Fully Washable!- FS19 Lights!- Small, reduced file (3.4 MB)!- FS19 xml standards!- Realistic steering! (Appalaches modding xml lines)- Electric conector Target and Hose!- Working realLights!- FS19 Particle system (smoke, grain effect etc)- Detalied overloading Animation (tip Animation)- HD Decals and Stickers- Screw details!- Error Free!

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