John Deere 8R 2011 / FS19 Tractors


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John Deere 8R 2011 / FS19 Tractors
John Deere 8R 2011 / FS19 Tractors


FS19 tractors mod description – information:
Description:Model is 100% “real”, I wanna say that I added: 8R 2011 exhaust,8R 2011 lights, 8R 2011 fuel tank, 8R 2011 interior(New steering console and seat), 8R 2011 back fenders, 8R 2011 mirrorsConfigs:Motor config.8235R (259KS/PS), 8260R (286KS/PS), 8285R (314KS/PS), 8310R (341KS/PS), 8335R (369KS/PS), 8360R (396KS/PS)Wheel brand config.Trelleborg-Michelin-MitasWheel config.(Thats valid for all wheel brands!)Standard, Wide, Standard+Wheel weights1, Wide+Wheel weights1, Standard+Wheel weights2, Wide+Wheel weights2, Twin back wheels, Twin wheels, Wide twin back wheels, Wide twin wheelsDesign config (Front attacher)Bracket (0kg, no weights), 300kg, 500kg, 700kg, 1100kg, 1150kg, Front HydraulicDesign Config.2Standard, Front Fenders, EU Warning Sings, Front Fenders+EU Warning SingsAnimations:Reverser animationGas pedal animationBrake pedal animationJoystick aniamtionSeat suspensionCab suspensionFarmer inside the cab is fully animatedAll things on displays are aniamted(
Speed numbers,RPM numbers, Fuel Tank capacity, Cruise control, All butons have their Lighting textures when lights,beacons,signals are ON….and there is a lot of things to say..)

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