JOHN DEERE 8R US Series / FS19 Tractors


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JOHN DEERE 8R US Series / FS19 Tractors
JOHN DEERE 8R US Series / FS19 Tractors

Authors:Custom Modding

FS19 tractors mod description – information:
Description:JOHN DEERE 8R US Series-Adjustable ILS with mouse control-Animated Door-North American Tire configurations-Mudguard configurations-Frontweight configurations-Engine configurations of 245 hp – 400 hp-Rear Hitch with 3-point Fastcoupling-Base
price 299,000$More
powerful than ever before – John Deere Series 8R tractors. An excellent
power to weight ratioalong with plenty of engine
power (up to 450 hp with IPM) allows for high
Speeds and
Speedsan efficient use of machines. Numerous hoist and PTO options are availableExtremely versatile use of 8R series tractors.Highly efficient: up to 94% total tractor efficiencyLower
power losses mean more efficiency and more traction. That explains why theHigh-efficiency John Deere Series 8R tractors have an impressive overall efficiency of up toto achieve 94%.

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