KENWORTH K100E 1.35 / American simulator Truck mod


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KENWORTH K100E 1.35 / American simulator Truck mod
KENWORTH K100E 1.35 / American simulator Truck mod


ATS truck mod description:
Description: I believe it’s crucial to have this awesome, iconic vehicle, in a game calling itself American Truck Simulator.This is what i’ve been up to for the past 4 months. I’ve cleared up some time, for learning Blender, get accustomed with all the SCS tools, and to work full time on this project.Just don’t raise expectations. I’m not RTA, nor Steve Roache. I’m a much simpler person, with much simpler standards. :lol:Features:- 6 chassis (4×2, short 6×4, normal 6×4. One set for 90″ cabs, and one for 112″ cabs)- 4 cabs, based on real life counterparts (90″, 90″ Aerodyne, 112″, and 112″ Aerodyne)- Matching interiors for all cabs, 2 styles, each with several color variants.The interior models are slightly simplified compared to actual ones.- Paint schemes, based on what you’d see on real K100 trucks.- Wind deflectors & fairings, based on real life ones.- Engines by Kriechbaum. The list is minimized, because i find the regular assortment overwhelming. I included the C15 cats, Straight pipe cats, and most of the Cummins.- Transmissions. 10, 13, 18 speed eatons, 5 and 6 speed allisons. Each comes with 3 different axle ratios. Also, Allisons have a retarder, the Eatons don’t.The front license plate is a fake one. Let’s just call it… “custom”.The chassis models used, are from the base game.Other parts that you might think are from the base game, indeed are.

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