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Authors: Giants, Cazz64

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: V1.2.1 Update:Afternoon everyone. I’m still doing work on multi fruit
Version which will be next. I have done this one for grain station selling point fixed. I have been asked to have a larger Harverster and seeder, So I added them in from this
Version forward. I did a little back ground work on this
Version. Have feed your animals a bit of tucker as you will need to start fresh on this one. Sorry for the delay, I didn’t want to release this until I had done most dirt roads done. There are a few little changes you will see from last
Version. This is my first map build so thank you for your patience. Enjoy. Cheers. Cazz64P.S. if there is a fs19 map modder out there that could help me with a few minor hicups I have, please leave a comment below. CheersV1.2 Update:Afternoon to you all. I have been up all night going through this map and with the help from shy wizard. the map is error free and vehicle trigger glitch works at the shop. You will notice that the file size is smaller than original. Been getting rid of buildings, rocks etc from under the terrain. So hers is whats been done.1, Error message fixed.2. Fixed Vehicle sell trigger at shop.3. cleaned up everything under map.4. Now have 15 sell points around the map.5. Asphalt and dirt roads all lead to different sale triggers. (Roads can be removed)6. Spruce and Pine trees have been added along main roads. All can be cut when you buy the land.7. Have increased forest size by 3x.8. Cleared out all floating objects.NOTE: When you add this zip file to your mod folder, DO NOT rename file. you will loose some sell points and have errors.I only upload to, so if its on the sites I wont be able to fix problems you may run into. Thanks for uploading.If this map is not to your taste, Dellete it. Everyone else. EnjoyV1.0.1 Update:Hello to you all. Thank you for your requests to my map.1. I have fixed sell trigger at shop,2. I have added farmlands now. So you only have one fiel with some grass. (You also own the BGA land so you can sell there off the bat. Don’t forget that you only get paidout at midnight from BGA).3. I have added rocky boundry around boundry map.4. Readjusted boundry collision around map.I will be adding more tree around boundry area and be adding more sell triggers on future updates.Please realise that this is my first public map and I am learning as i go with little prblems that you may come accross. I designed this map for the players that want to create the map to there liking in-game.I would like to thank ShyWizard, Nick the Hick and B.O.B Wrangler for there tutorial videos. If it wasn’t for these guys along with Stevie, This map would not be possible. CheersThank you to ShyWizard in sorting out error and sell trigger issueV1.0.0Hi, I have been asked to do a blank 4x map with sell point triggers set up. I have them spread around the map and all work fine as in pictures supplied, I have added fields without trees, (There is a forest in bottom right where port 1 is). I have added a farm whith Chickens, Sheep, Pigs, Horses and cows to start you off. I have only done a couple of roads around selling areas so roads can be removed in paint mode. This map I made for those that want to build the map ingame to how they want it. If you have any negative thoughts on how this map is not to your liking, Delete it. This map was request to be like this. EnjoyDonation Link:

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