Kverneland Taarup 107 / FS19 Trailers


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Kverneland Taarup 107 / FS19 Trailers
Kverneland Taarup 107 / FS19 Trailers

Authors:no.naim [LSMC]

FS19 trailers mod description – information:
Description: Tipper of the company Kverneland – Taarup. Built in 1977.This machine can be used as a small universal helper.This trailer is mainly used as a tipper, for example as a cheap trailer for harvesting forage with the forage configuration. You can also couple two or more of them together to transport large quantities.But it can also be used as a auger wagon, mainly for seeds, fertilizer and lime, or to cart potatoes or sugar beets to the edge of the field or to the storage system (Grimme RH 2460). You can also use it in forestry to transport small logs to your farm or tip them directly into a wood chipper (JENZ BA725D).The support leg on the side can be unfolded (Key X + mouse control) but don’t overdo it because that will bring the trailer in a highly unstable postition.Base
Price: 6500Shop-
Category: Trailers
Capacity:- 8000l without configurations (can transport everything)- 10000l with configurations (can transport everything)- 14000l with forage configuration (only for chaff, wood chips, grass, sugar cane …)
– Color: Kverneland red, Taarup red-orange or standard colors- Tires: Original size (75cm diameter) up to Wide tires with 90cm diameter- Rim color

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