Logsplitter / FS19 object


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Logsplitter / FS19 object
Logsplitter / FS19 object

Authors: modelleicher (LS-Modcompany)

FS19 object mod description – information:
Description: You can use this logsplitter to split trees up to 1 meter length. The logsplitter is operated from the outside, the tractor has to run.For that reason you have to deactiave the automatic engine start in the options, so the tractor stays on when you leave it. Operating this logsplitter is really easy. Just unfold and turn on the logsplitter (from inside the tractor), then put a wood piece on the logsplitter, walk to the levers and push the key that shows up in the help menu!As soon as the wood is split you can release the key and the split cylinder goes back automatically.

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