MichiganMap Map v2 / FS19 map


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MichiganMap Map v2 / FS19 map
MichiganMap Map v2 / FS19 map

Authors: Model: TaylorFarmsTexture: TaylorFarmsScript: TaylorFarmsIdea / Concept: TaylorFarmsTesting: TaylorFarms/Daza FarmsEditing this Verison: TazmanModding

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Hey everyone! Welcome to the Michigan Map v2.0.0 this is an edited verison of the orginal map. This map includes 13 sell points and including one sell point for the train. And Only one sell point for cotton. Does have 5 piece?s of land to build your farms on. Does have big fields ranging from 1.7 million down to 200,000. There is no longer field 20 on this map due to i combined 20 with field 12. field 1 and 3 are contected and also field 9 and 10 is also contected. Three of the farms main buildings do have lights installed in them and outside of them, In the orginal verison there was no lights at all. So i have taken care of that myself and combined fields together to make bigger fields. This Map has no error?s to this verison and to the orginal verison.Please do not contact the orginal Map Maker for any issues regarding this verison!Thanks to the Orginal Creator TaylorFarms for allowing me to edit his map and to release it to the public. All Credits go to him and his team for there hard work.

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