MULTIMAP 2019 V1.1.0.0 / FS19 map


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MULTIMAP 2019 V1.1.0.0 / FS19 map
MULTIMAP 2019 V1.1.0.0 / FS19 map

Authors: Giants Scripte: Marhu, kevink98, joker301069, BlackSheep, Blacky_BPG, 112Tec, Ifkonator Urmapper: LF-Bauer Umbau für LS17 und LS19: FalPos Animation
EN: LF-Bauer Multifrucht: Danke an GMCW für die Freigabe seiner zusätzlichen Früchte Danke für [TRLP] Markus für die Freigabe seiner Früchte Danke an Don Diego für die Freigabe seiner zusätzlichen Früchte Einzeichnen der Schneemaske: Holzmichel Objekte LS13/15/17, sofern bekannt: Giants, Kastor, Der_Wanderer, möchtegernbauer, Nic89.1, 112TEC, Niggels, The Snake, scottryder, San Andreas, M1800Power, Bummi, Marhu, Devin, Hewaaa, Bigblue, GE -Mapping, dajun, wellano920, dds-modding, Ingolf, Katsuo, Blacky BPG, marc85, mike LSF Modding, PaPa, TuneWar, pisty, manni112, adam5525, SLJ-Agrar, Mark44, MCMC, borutcebuli, Der Melker, ni-modding, XAnonymousX, atze1978, odin1985, Gaucho, sherco58,, Farmeraner, KIK, Aerocool1, Trekkerbodo, Zefir, LS-Community, Farmer_Andy und Zero_Ace,My7, GTX und Eribus, Dorset zusätzlich für Objekte LS19: Giants Reithalle: Lisa Hallen Hof: Mike Modding Unterstän
DE: GSi-Flash Hudfiles: HappyLooser Auf der Karte befinden sich noch Objekte aus dem LS13 und LS15, deren Herkunft mir nicht bekannt ist. Diese habe ich so von der ursprünglichen Karte übernommen. Wer sein Objekt wieder erkennt und nicht erwähnt wurde, der kann sich jederzeit bei mir melden. Natürlich wird der Eintrag dann nachgeholt. Testspieler: Lisa, Holzmichel, rk54, rokki, hyazinthlindauer, Seemann178, Makaay, Impala, Rosti, CM2017 Testpieler/Teams Multiplayer: Hawk191280, Krebi und IrrenhausTV

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: The original mapper of this map is LF-Bauer. He had already invested a lot of effort and diligence in this map in 2014, and although there were several cards with this name, in my view, this card is the best of them all.
Version 1.1- fixed wrong opening goal- Grass can now be drawn in the game- BGA in all levels now available- Feed storage for bills, horses and sheep in all levels available and available in the shop- Fixed feed swine terrain, trigger was below the ground, added straw and pig feed- Double gates at the sheepfold have been exchanged, now have to be opened manually (does not affect the main gate)- Adjusted soil price per hectare to official average price in Germany. As of 2017Since I had to adjust the soil at the feed store of pigs, theoretically a new score would be necessary. To save you, there is an extra download of a single file. unpack the zip-file and copy the included file into your savegame. Just overwrite the existing file.However, for all those who have worked on the ground itself at one or more places in the map, this variant is not recommended, since the exchange of the file your own changes are lost.The basis for this is the Multimap for the LS 15 and LS17. The
Version for the LS15 but never found its way into the public, but was kept private by LF-Bauer. Finally, I was asked by him to get the card in the LS17. Now she arrived in the LS19.Here again the “technical data”:? 4-fold map with multifruit and 42 fields.? 1 yard? 2 skin silos for cereals and feed, as well as for earth fruits? Extra storage in the yard for fertilizer, seeds and lime? Many outlets? TrafficThe following fruits are installed:Standard fruits, cultivation of sugar cane and cotton is possible, oats, rye, spelled, millet, hops, tobacco, onions, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, red cabbage, poppy and clover.Clover can be mowed, the resulting clover can be fed or used in the BGA for silage production.At this point, my special thanks go to GMCW, zero_ace and dondiego00 for releasing their fruits for incorporation into the Multimap.Road, terrain and almost all old objects were taken 1: 1. For players who play in the level Farmer, at the start of the game all silos and stables are already available. Players in the MP I recommend to make a Savegame in SP and use this for MP. Ultimately, of course, the decision is up to you.There are open spaces to place mods.All old production sites are present on the map and will be reactivated as soon as the Global Company (successor of the factory script) has been released. Until then, all unloading points, which are related to productions, are blocked by barriers. For this you will find on their premises temporary outlets, which will be removed later. These interim sales points will recognize you at the ramps for unloading.We have put a lot of effort and work into this card, it has been extensively tested extensively in the SP and MP over several weeks. The log is clean, the card runs smoothly in both the SP and MP. Should errors still occur, then please install the latest patch 1.3 from Giants and / or clean up the mod folder.The zip file needs to be unzipped, as there are still harvesters for harvesting cabbage, both onions and carrots. These mods are intended to be only a temporary solution until a suitable mod appears, which makes the individual machines superfluous.My special thanks go to LF-Bauer for providing us with this card as well as to my test players:Lisa, Holzmichel, rk54, rokki, hyacinth lindauer, sailor178, Makaay, Impala, Rosti, CM2017

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