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Authors: Großen Dank geht an TuneWar wegen denn Hilfreichen Tipps und Videos Idee: Gamer und Ls15 Modding Team Tester: Gamer und Ls15 Modding Team

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Hello everyone Ls 19 friends Many know the Munshausen map from the 15er 17er and now we have brought them to Ls19!
Version 2.2.1It was a completely new part created with new fields and meadows partly in the hillsThere are 50 buyable areas on the whole map 32 fields 27 meadowsBig thanks to TuneWar for helpful tips and videosPlease read the description completely and watch the video to prevent misunderstandings !!The map we have as good as we have in the 19 Giants editor coped with the new system to the Ls 19 broughtthe map is multiplayer capable and has been tested 30 hours and there are no errors on it dipped but it should be the case the error should show up just write a message to usYou are welcome to visit us on our facebook page for news and informationLink: https: // view_as = subscriber?(Description of the map)In the little village Munshausen and Robesscheier there is a farmer’s yard and a medium sized spruce forest and small to large meadows and fields they can buy everything what is buyable she has been built according to our senseThe farm consists of an old farmer’s house with barn and shelter for machines Pluggable objects are not there because you can place them yourself everywhere where it is possible.(What’s new in 2.2.1)It was a completely new part created with new fields and meadows partly in the hillsThere are 50 buyable areas on the whole map 32 fields 27 meadows(What’s new in 2.1.0)Map enlargedNew way past the dealerThe dealer built a wall7 fields and 4 meadows have come to itThe old high seats were replaced by more natural onesCollision of all signs turned offAnd there was one or the other improvement there will be running new
Versions as soon as new ideas come to us(What’s new in 1.1.0)Map slightly enlarged and even terrainBiogas plant Original from the rock fountainSales point Krebacher Mill with lime silo and land tradeAgricultural machinery retailer bit on top with shop Ico with point of sale for machines configuration and sale bale sale(Outlets)Grain mill and land trade for the fruits that are displayed thereCattle dealer for all animalsJoinery for logs and wood chipsBiogas plant for silage and manureWho says silly Komantare from having to give or on the Map Mäkern you need not even down to load down!The map may not be offered on the other side only with Orignal DL Link synonymous not in a modified
Version!The name Munshausen and Robesscheier come from Ösling luxemburg !!

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