NEVER LAND V3.1 / FS19 map to download


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NEVER LAND V3.1 / FS19 map to download
NEVER LAND V3.1 / FS19 map to download

Authors: Modell: Oli5464
Textur: Oli5464
Script: Farmer_Schubi Idee / Konzept: Oli5464/Paul Tester: Oli5464/Paul Sonstige: Oli5464/Paul/Farmer_Schubi/mauricespencer

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: I am pleased to introduce you to my mapVersion 3.1Edible Oil Frying Oil Vegetable Fabric Clothing Harvest23 and A3 Hud CreatedEdible oil frying oil vegetable fabric and clothing entered into salesEdible oil Frying oil production InstalledWeaving and Tailoring InstalledVegetable Packing InstalledErnte23 and A3 were installed as new pallets and entered into salesA hall more installed on the yardVarious fences and lights setPlayertrigger of all preparations made smallerMarlboro manufacture in cigarettes manufacturing GändertTwo out of three vehicle spawns at the dealerEgg and cotton are reduced as they are used in other manufacturesThe map is fictitiousI hope I make one or the other a small joy with itMFG Oli5464

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