NF MATCH MAP 4X V1.1.0.0 / FS19 map


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NF MATCH MAP 4X V1.1.0.0 / FS19 map
NF MATCH MAP 4X V1.1.0.0 / FS19 map

Authors: fedaction-letsplay + Shelly

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Changed in Match Map V1.1- Carrots and poplars can now be planted- Entrance to the nursery slightly enlarged- Ballentrigger Nursery now goes over the whole hall- BGA ball triggers enlarged and area marked- BGA silage and manure capacity increased- For trees best use LS19 MoreTree Mod- Some field entrances and grass edges revised- Grass decoration in the middle completesWith the new NF Match 4x Map Multifruit you have the perfect map for exciting LS19 challenges. Which strategy is the best and leads to victory? In my introductory video you could get an impression of the map and look at our match on Youtube (fedaction letsplay) which strategy can help one to victory. The map contains all current FedMods *. And pay attention to the opening hours of the bascule bridge …;)The NF Match 4-fold map offers eg:FOUR completely identical match islands with 16 fields each, own BGA, 4 sales stations each, wood sales and 3 forestsLarge center island with 4 large fields and enough space for the placeable Fed Mods *Some goal and rule suggestions can be found on signs at the shopMultifruit: In addition to the normal fruit types, there are onions, carrots, rye, spelled, mixed grain, millet, poppy, alfalfa, sorghum and hops* FedMods that come with the mapphotovoltaic systemWind Farm / WindmillcottagesnurseryGreenhouse (sale of manure and manure possible)Multifruit silos with extensionsPlaceable wood saleBut the best is to watch the video and now I wish you all a lot of fun in your competitions.These mods are urgently recommended: LS19 Place Anywhere Mod, onion and carrot harvesterThe map may be set with the use of the original download links on other fashion pages.Best regards

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