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Authors: Idee / Konzept: xNeillox Tester: Muni_Akira Baloou1970 Caotboy Seelachs123 xNeillox Sonstige: Dank geht all die modder von denen Die solche mega schönen Objekte erstellt haben !

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Hello Dear Lower Bavaria players I am glad that the
Version 1 arrived so well here after some construction a new
Version with some con
Versions which I’m still far from finished there will be more
Version or come what is new, I list you here :)terrainSince I also like to do forestry, a small but fine ForstHof with forest came to itJust as some of you have written to me, I have the order set and the main court has got a new place :)Thanks to all the modern, there are also beautiful new courtyard buildings on the main courtyardNew silage silo have also found their place on the mapthe main farm also got a straw siloThe plots for cows and sharp are individually purchasable;)Chicken coop is installed at the main farmWhere the first main farm was, there are new fieldsStart Vehicles have found their new placeSellpoints newDairy SellpointWastewater treatment plant SellpointEggs sellpointStraw Power Plant SellpointCereals AG SellpointSugar factory SellpointThe mountain with the castle is goneForest forest with construction siteSawmill New locationClass dealer with new locationfew deco building sitesToom hardware storeon the farms, a new Güllebäcken was installedadded some forest areasfor the rest let you surprise;) I made an effort I hope you like the con
Version;)Note on the defaultItems:By default, the second farm belongs to Farm 2 and the Forsthof to Farm 3 (MP
Version).Who wants to use the 2nd court in the single player, must replace the defaultItems file before a new savegame!>> files for this under: defaultItemsAt this point I would like to thank the modders for the provided mods Without them, a con
Version would have been only half as cool (if some of these mods were already installed,deactivate them in the game, otherwise they will appear twice in the shop).Any errors are constantly being worked on, so the most recent download
Version is always recommended or replaced accordingly.Well, then it will be released now.

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