“OLD FAMILY FARM 2019” V1.1 / FS19 map


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“OLD FAMILY FARM 2019” V1.1 / FS19 map
“OLD FAMILY FARM 2019” V1.1 / FS19 map

Authors: GnGModding

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: ?o?po ?o?a?o?a?? ?a ????? “Old Famil? Farm” ??? Farming Simulator 2019. ??o ?e?o???a? ?o pa??epa? ?ap?a, ?a ?o?opo? o?o?pa?e?a a?ep??a?c?a? ?ep?a c?ap?x ?pe?e?. – ?? ????? ??e??c? 4 ?e?o????e ?ep??. ??a??a? ?ep?a, o????a ?? ?a??e?e. B. ?ep?a ? ?axo???c? ? ??? o? ?opo?a; – Oc?o??a? ?o??a ?po?a?? ?axo???c? ? ?a?a???e ?op?a Ba? Ha? N; – C??ec???e? ?a??e ?/? ?????, ?o?opa? ?p?xo??? ? ?opo?, ??e ?? ?o?e?e ?po?a?? c?o? ?po?a?; – ???epc??? ?e??p pac?o?o?e? ????p? ?a?a???a Ha? N Feed ??? ?o????? ?o??x ?pa??opo? ? ???e??ap?. B? ?o?e?e ?po?a?? c?o? ?o?o????e????? co?o?? ? ???? ?a Ha? N Feed; – ?o?? ?e?o????e ?o pa??ep?; – ??? ?eco?a?o?o?o? ec?? ??o?o ?epe??e?, ??o?? cp????? ?x ?a ?pe??a ??? c?e?a?? ?e?? ??? ?eco?????, ? c????o? ??c?a? ?e??? ??? ?o?o? ?ep??; – ??a ?ap?a ???a ?o??oc??? ?epe?e?a?a, ?po?e ?o?o ??? ?c?o????e? ?o??? ??????o?a? FS 2019.Welcome to the “Old Familu Farm” map for Farming Simulator 2019. This is not very large in terms of the map size of the displaced vehicle. – On the map there are 4 small firms. The main farm, from where you start. B. The farmland is coming south of the city; – The main point of the trip is in the store Baum Nau N; – There is also a railway line, which comes to the city, where you can give your life; – The dealership center is located inside the store Nau N Feed for buying new tracts and equipment. You can give your own surplus to your bed and bales for Ha Now Feed; – a small size; – For timber, there is a lot of trees to crush them on the wedge or to make a saw for the saw, and too much clean ground for a new shape; – This map was completely transferred, except for the fact that it uses the new FS 2019 function.

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