Peterbilt 389 V 1.12 / American simulator Truck mod

ATS truck mod description:
Description: Hi, Wydadi1505 here, this is my new version of the Peterbilt 389 Modified Mod for ats, changelog: Peterbilt modified 1:12 changed dealer def file added missing small lights and icons added sewectabwe rivets, chrome and painted option added white versions of aircleaner, sidelights, roof lights, small lights added red blinker lights round added red blinker rear bumper added paint version of 389 style headlights added new 3D model for 379 style, and 359 rectangular style headlights added new chrome bug deflectors and side added new variants grill added new engines, transmissions and sounds (thanks to Kriechbaum for his work) deactivated headlights from park light mode fixed the cabin suspension fixed the lift axle fixed the dashboard info screen changed the gps spear layout worked on my new steering wheel (still WIP) made some performance improvements on the interior fixed some models bug fixes

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