Placeable Waterplane Pack / FS19 object


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Placeable Waterplane Pack / FS19 object
Placeable Waterplane Pack / FS19 object

Authors: Steyrman

FS19 object mod description – information:
Description: Ever wanted to build a pond in the LS? Then you are exactly right here!This pack includes 4 placeable water tarpaulins:A small 10x10m
Version for puddles and small pondsA 25x25m for usual pond
SizesA 50x50m for large pondsA 100x100m for those who still have enough space for their pond;)The water tarpaulins are all free and can be found under the
Category ?decoration?. A collision was built under the water tarpaulins, so that one does not sink and the objects can still sell.Likewise, the two large Wasserplanen (50x50m and 100x100m) were equipped with a water trigger, where the water is of course also free.What is still important to know is that the waterplanes do not behave like the ones built on the map ? so you can not sink machines or horses, etc ?The ground leveling was also turned off ? so you have to dig the hole yourself.

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