Ravenport McKnightG Edition V 1.0 / FS19 map


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Ravenport McKnightG Edition V 1.0 / FS19 map
Ravenport McKnightG Edition V 1.0 / FS19 map

Authors: McKnight_Gaming

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Ravenport edit.The following mods are built into the map and are not needed:- FS19_compositeHallPackBy: Niggels – VertexDezign- FS19_Placeable_LiquidFertTanksBy: cjwilksy- FS19_Placeable_RefuelStationBy: McKnight Gaming- FS19_Placeable_Seed_Fertilizer_Food_StationsBy: McKnight GamingI added filltypes Liquid Fertilizer, Herbicide, Digestate and Liquid Manure to the FS19_Placeable_LiquidFertTanks mod.If you are wanting to remove placeable items on the map you will need to remove/edit them in the mapUS_items.xml you will see for example seedStationP.xml as a directory. the “P” stands for permanent just remove the “P” at the end and it should show in-game as a placeable that can be sold.Example:$moddir$FS19_Ravenport_McKnightG_Edition/placeables/FS19_farmSheds/easyShed01P.xmlChange to:$moddir$FS19_Ravenport_McKnightG_Edition/placeables/FS19_farmSheds/easyShed01.xmlNote:You may also have to add defaultFarmProperty=”true” farmId=”1″ at the end of the directory for it to appear in-game to be sold.Please report any problems.

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