[REL] Scot A2HD v1.0.4 / American simulator Truck mod

ATS truck mod description:
Description: 1.0.4 (for ATS v1.4+):-More or less fixed the pesky shadow issue with the hood.-All engines should now work with adaptive automatic-All engines now have more realistic governor behaviour (based on real droop specs)-Fixed a crash with the quick-job ‘A’ truck-Added air horn sound (based on Grover Organtone) and reverse beeper sound-Added turn signal, wiper, air brake and shifter sounds by Kriechbaum-Added a few new mudflap designs-Added a new paintjob, and icons for existing ones-Air cleaner pre-filters are now an accessory-Steering wheel is now an accessory (I will release a separate mod soon to enable SCI wheels for those who have the DLC)-Revamped appearance of bumpers, visor, and grill. There are now 3-4 appearance options for each: plain aluminum, polished aluminum, chrome and (for visor and grill) paint.-Revamped appearance of rubber parts-Added Kysor KA-300 rooftop air conditioning unit-Increaded rear suspension travel; it’s now more appropriate for a walking beam suspension (less getting stuck at construction sites, mines and quarries.-There is now a locator for ‘Console Items’ (interior accessories)-Fog lights are now active with headlights (for now until there is a better solution without using slots)-Corrected a bug with the side mirrors (wrong name on camera locators)Known issues:-Turn signal flares still light up interior (causing a frame drop for some users); It is high on my to-do list. If the frame drop is severe, you can disable secondary vehicle lights for now and that should lessen or eliminate it.-The interior appearance still isn’t great on/above the doors. -Base colour of ‘B’ quick-job truck paintjob gets randomized

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