ROLNICZE POLA V3.0 / FS19 map to download


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ROLNICZE POLA V3.0 / FS19 map to download
ROLNICZE POLA V3.0 / FS19 map to download

Authors: AdriXPL

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: Hello from this page AdriXPL and today I present to you the third installment of Rolnicze Pola.The Map has:V1:? 3 playable farms? 50 fields (small, medium + missions)? Narrow fields? Several meadows? 3 cereal purchase? Dairy? Attic? Spinning? Sawmill? Animal trader? Fuel Stations? Workshop for machines? Shop? Varied area? 2 forests? A lot of trees? fields bought (farmland)? Pigs? Cows? Sheep? PDA? a farm and a field to start? door opened on the buttonV2:? BGA added? farms have been improved? the trees have been removed from the fields? the number of trees has been increased? more buildings have been added? other errors fixed? an empty square for the farm was added (placeable)? the area was decoratedV3:? traffic has been added? pedestrian traffic added? some errors and shortcomings have been corrected? seasons mask was uploaded

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