RUSTIC ACRES (SEASONS READY) V1A / FS19 map to download


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RUSTIC ACRES (SEASONS READY) V1A / FS19 map to download
RUSTIC ACRES (SEASONS READY) V1A / FS19 map to download

Authors: Cazz64

FS19 maps description – information:
Description: I have updated this map to be seasons ready. I will be updating and adding stuff to my other maps as well. To stay up to date, visit my Face book group page below. CheersHere is my Rustic acres map. I would like to thank Mike Grainger from GNG Modding for allowing me to use his open range pasture and other mods. Also Papa smurf for sorting out map errors with Giants new update. Ken from Iconik Upgrades for his signs. James Darrell Watkins for his viseos. Perran Greenaway & Tim Lanaville for helping out testing map out on server. This map is intended for all sorts of players. it has small fields as well as large ones. Some can be joined up. I have included all my multi-fruits into it along with corn and soybean textures (credits to NEFG Modding for the textures), GNG Modding upgraded the animal pens to use Animal pen mod. Remember to add the Animal pen mod into you mods folder to activate it.I added a diesel sell trigger at the port and you can also sell Fertilizer, Liquid fertilizer, Lime, Herbicide, Forage, Pigfood etc at the garden center. I added these in because of some production placeables that are coming out where you can make these. This map will only be updated (If nedded) on my groups face book page from link below.Thanks to all who took part in helping me get this checked and tested. You use the manure trailer spreader on your fields. The only thing is you cannot have settings where AI helper buys as it spreads on field. It will only work with AI helper as you use it.I added farm silo into the map so no need to unzip any files as this has compost added to it as well. hope you enjoy it. Big thank you to Papa smurfs Compost mod.Donation Link: group link: is a link for root crops like cabbage, Red cabbage, Lettuce, Oinons and Carrots.Ropa Pantha 2: will find GNG Moddings animal pen upgrades pn there face book page.If this is not to your liking. Delete it. To the rest, Enjoy. Cheers. Cazz64

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