SCANIA 113H TUNING BUGFIX V1.5.1 / FS19 Trucks


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SCANIA 113H TUNING BUGFIX V1.5.1 / FS19 Trucks
SCANIA 113H TUNING BUGFIX V1.5.1 / FS19 Trucks

Authors:Modell: PsyTec Modding (PsieCore), Giants, Equipe Farm Centro Sul. Textur: PsyTec Modding (PsieCore), Equipe Farm Centro Sul. Script: Giants Idee / Konzept: PsyTec Modding (PsieCore) Tester: PsyTec Modding (PsieCore)

FS19 trucks mod description – information:
Version 1.5.1 bugfix- Strips are now displayed in the correct colors- Fixed 3 bugs with texture format in the log(Thank you for reporting the error)V 0.1.5- Dirttexturen completely revised or created new- now correct dirt textures if you choose design “without stripes”- Wheel configuration adapted to the fenders (Italspeed series removed)- Colors of rims in metallic changed at Alcoa- Chassis / drive / handling revisedThe tractor is not ready yet !!!The LOG is currently error free with meV 0.1- Tractor and rims have color choice- Design stripes in 4 color combinations selectable or without stripes- Fixed model errors (transparent parts etc.)- new cab configs added with tuning parts- Lights incl. Flashing lights revised or added- added new fenders to the rear axles that better fit the Scania and adapted with Blender- Wheels and rims adapted to the new fenders- put the whole truck a little lower- Lightbox added- Added new rear bumper with trailer hitch and DynamicHoses- changed config so that the MAN modules can be used (only advisable on the 6×2)- Direktestellungen and Specs revised (not yet perfect)

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